Roman Tekije Cingulum with Tassets

The Roman Tekje Balteus Cingulum is constructed from thick and supple leather and is lavishly embellished with plates of tin-plated brass which are stoutly anchored with rivets. The hanging tasset bands have loops which allow them to be slid on and off the main waist belt as desired and these tasset bands are well detailed with matching tin-plated medallions.

Two disc like fixtures on the belt can be used as anchoring points for a Pugio dagger and the interior of the belt is lined in suede to create a protective barrier between you and your clothing and the rivet ends..

Overall Length: 54''
Color: Brown
Dimensions: Length of Tassets: 16''
Material: Leather - Tin Plated Brass
Culture: Roman
Manufacturer: Deepeeka

Please Note: This belt now comes in varying shades of brown and no longer is in red. The color varies from a very light brown to a very dark brown.

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